While we go with the intention of loving and ministering to the kids in Poipet, we have always received love tenfold and been treated like family, reminding us that though we come from different backgrounds and continents, we are indeed one family in Christ.
— Olivia Y., Cambodia Team

Our attention first turned to Cambodia when a dear friend of our community, and our former pastor, John Harris and his wife Marty took a 6 month sabbatical to the Southeast Asian country back in 2010. Their connection was Rose Martinez, director of the missions organization Mercy Ministries Foundation and Marty Harris's sister. After an extended stay at the MMF home in Poipet, Cambodia, they brought back stories of the immense love they had received from the children and staff, the heart-wrenching reality of growing up in war-torn Cambodia, and yet, the unmistakable signs of God's healing and redemption. We were never the same after hearing these stories.

Every year since 2014, we at Christ Kaleidoscope have raised up a team to send out to the same home in Cambodia, where John and Marty now reside full time. The kids at the home are raised to follow Christ and regularly give back to the community. They strive to further their education, and many long to be part of the restoration process that Cambodia so desperately needs. Every year we are encouraged by the good work God has done building up disciples, witnesses to the surrounding community of the fact that God has not forgotten Cambodia.