• Deerfield Community Center (map)
  • 55 Deerwood West
  • Irvine, CA, 92604
  • United States

On Saturday, August 27, we will be holding a night of music, scripture, and sharing to engage with some of the griefs our community may be experiencing. It is often difficult to fully express our sorrow, and sometimes, it is only through performance art, such as music, painting, or poetry, that we can begin to touch base with our deeper emotions.

Particularly in the upper-middle class of suburban Irvine, it can be hard to find space for expressing lament, and we hope that this night can be a way to practice this form of empathy, an action that Jesus himself engaged in throughout his ministry. For some people, it may be the tragedies of our country that cause us to lament. For others, it may be something very close to us, such as friends and family. For still others, there may be a deep personal pain that weighs on us.

Though we are all in different places in our lives, we've all felt lament in one form or another. We hope you can join us in hearing and sharing stories with one another.